A n annual celebration? A get together ? A welcome back party? Le rendez-vous de l’amitié? A reunion? Well…, no matter what anyone calls it, it was quite a memorable evening. All the bright smiles…, the glamour…, the elegance…, the endless parade of hugging and kissing, are testimonies that all were delighted to be there.

Everyone contributed to the success of the evening:

THE IDEA: Since ODL’s last event, dated around 3 years ago, there was a lack of social gathering outlets in the Lascahobassian community. The suggestion came, during a committee meeting, that a Social event was way overdue… everyone welcomed the idea and pledged their support. It was decided that this event would be different in structure.

THE ORGANIZERS: First, a small group of dedicated people volunteered to search for a place, sending out invitations, placing phone calls… then like a contagious fever, everyone wanted to do something to contribute to the event. It was no longer, a committee preparing an event; it was “Lascahobas en Action”. They did not just help, they were eager to participate.

THE ACTION PLAN: Several individuals volunteered to sell tickets. Food items, supplies, and beverages would all be received as donations; as well as seeking sponsorship for the event from the many Lascahobassian entrepreneurs. Invitation letters were sent out followed by phone calls. A venue was reserved for the occasion, a DJ was hired and a devoted team attended to the technical aspect of the occasion.

THE PREPARATION: Finally, the big day is here. People came in from several corners of the US; such as: Chicago, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Boston, Florida, Atlanta, New Jersey, Pennsylvania as well as others. From 7PM, volunteers were already there working feverishly to decorate, setup the food service area, the dessert corner... They installed all necessary equipment and hung balloons everywhere!!! As Enrico Macias would say: “Un Soir De Fête, C’est Merveilleux…”

THE PARTY: Words alone cannot describe the festive atmosphere in the air. The different presentations, the poems, the foods, the music, and more importantly, the people. The classy touch of Patrick Tertullien who decided to greet every woman with a beautiful necklace…; A Manno Noisette who Crashed into the party with an impromptu hysteria taking us back to areas of Lascahobas yet forgotten. A Fito Gelin so eloquently honoring the beautiful women of Lascahobas. A Vasca Sigue who decided to go all the way by romancing the heart of every lady in the room with a special rose. The public just could not have enough of the evening. At the end, no one wanted to leave… And those who could not make it vowed that they’ll never miss this event in the future.

SPECIAL RECOGNITION: This is not an attempt to thank anyone for their hard work, because what was done to make this event possible is beyond thanks. However, our heartfelt appreciation goes to those who performed in the following areas:

Carolle TertulienMarcelle Potier

Tickets Sales
Johanne Jean Chantale PT Bien-Aimé Marcelle Potier
Gerald LezeauCarolle Tertulien Yolette chery
Smith SenatusJean Etienne Lucerne Pierre Toussaint
Jean Ronald SigueLisly Chery Elcie Estinvil

Food, Beverages, Desserts, Supplies
Hernante Besse Michele Loiseau Gerald Lezeau
Marie Eulalie CheryHubert Cadet Yvrose Jean
Rosie SapiniIrma Tertulien Gabriel Boubert
Anulia LoccidentJean EdouardCathy Antoine Etienne
Phanes leurebourPedro DamasClaudette Thermora
Yvrose ThomasMichele Jean ResilardGuerlie Jean
Carmelle MontasElcie Saint PreuxDominique Ternier
Doris DorilasYolette CheryYvonne Fils Aime
Yves SalomonLonhyde LabadiJean Saint Preux
Lisly CheryJean Ronald SigueChantale PT Bien Aime
Elcie EstinvilFito Saint FleurCarolle Tertulien
Manno MontasPatrick Tertulien Marcelle Potier

Those who served the food
Michele Jean Resilard Carole Villette Dietlinde Dembinski
Yolette cheryMarie Eulalie Chery Elcie Estinvil

Set up and clean up
Dominique Jabouin Marcelle Potier Elcie Estinvil
Frantz NestorHubert Cadet Jean Alix Loiseau
Patrick TertulienCarolle Tertulien Jean Ronald Sigue
Fritz PotierYvrose Jean

To our special MCs for such a wonderful Job
Yvrose Jean Jean Alix Loiseau

Our heart goes out to our main sponsor who has proven once again that he carries Lascahobas deep in his heart, Fritz Gelin for such a generous contribution. (Book Sales: “LASCAHOBAS A L’AURORE”)

Other Sponsors:
Roland Simon (DBA Original Trucks & Parts Import Export)
Yvrose Jean (SUCA Land Sales & Development, LLC)

To our special contributors:
Pierre DuvertMireille St. FleurEmmanuel Coffy
Luckner Macena Daniel/Huguette Jean Fritz Bosquet
Arnold MontinardDarly Fontus Sevigne Pollas
Carolle TertulienChantale PT Bien Aime Elcie Estinvil
Marcelle PotierJean Alix LoiseauSmith Senatus

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