Organization for the Development of Lascahobas
Meeting Minutes On
January 20th, 2007

P resent: Patrick Tertulien, Chantale Bien-Aime , Fritz St. Fleur , Carolle Tertulien, Ronald Sigue , Elcie Estinvil, Lisly Chery , Pedro Damas , Marcelle Potier.

OBJECTIVE: Provisional Committee Structure, Community Mobilization, Form an Electoral Committee, & Set up a Deadline for next election.

LOCATION:Lisly's House
Lisly Chery was a perfect host. As usual, he went out of his way to create a fun and pleasant environment for the meeting and made everyone feel so welcome.

The meeting started with a suggestion from Carolle, who stated that we should have a hierarchy within the Provisional Committee. She believes that it is necessary to keep things in order. Everyone agreed that it was a great idea and should be implemented. We then proceeded with the nomination of key individuals in the distribution of roles and responsibilities.

The nominations went as follows:
Elcie Estinvil, Chairperson
Carolle Tertullien, Chairperson Assistant
Marcelle Potier, Public Relations Representative
Ronald Sigue, Public Relations Representative
Chantale Bien-Aime, Secretary
Fritz St. Fleur will remain the Treasurer

One of the agenda items was to form an electoral committee. Patrick Tertullien suggested that the general assembly should be given the opportunity to choose the electoral committee. Everyone present supported Patrick's idea.

We proceeded by discussing ways to mobilize the community. It was agreed that the Committee needed to schedule a general assembly meeting as soon as possible. As means of mobilization, we concluded that the following will be done:

  • Marcelle Potier, Ronald Sigue, & Patrick Tertullien will share a phone list. They will call everyone in the community. During the short conversation, they will obtain mailing and e-mail addresses.
  • Mailing & e-mail addresses will be compiled to form a master list, and to print labels for a mass mailing.
  • An invitation letter will be drafted and mailed to everybody in the master list for the General Assembly Meeting. (Possible dates discussed : 2/3 or 2/10/07) That same day, a date will be set up for the next elections.

We visited the idea of holding an anniversary celebration on March 24, as it was ODL's custom in the past. All in attendance were inspired by the idea and agreed to work together at making the event successful in anyway possible. During this celebration, ODL will host the Book Signing of our very own famous Lascahobassien: Fritz Gelin

Pedro Damas offered to look for halls availability at the Hilton for both, The General Assembly & the March 24 celebration. Carolle & Patrick also offered to look for facilities to host both functions.

Carolle, as promised, distributed copies of the ODL's chart to everyone present.

The meeting ended and left all of us with a great sense of accomplishment. The feeling of friendship and unity was so great. We continued to mingle with each other; way after the meeting ended… Contrary to public opinion as to: “Haitians can never put their heads together and agreed on anything…” We have defied that saying and made history in that meeting…We have proven that we too, can be civil to one another… While we may not agree on everything all the time, we can put our heads together and agree on one thing: MOVING FORWARD WITH LASCAHOBAS …

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