August 4th, 2007 Gospel Concert


W E are pleased to report that the Gospel Concert held on August 4th was a remarkable success. The attendance was fewer than anticipated, but we will not measure our success solely on the number of people who attended. The quality of the event made all the difference. Chantale P.T. Bien-Aime, the principal brain behind the whole operation, was very energetic & persistent.

As usual, it was the class/family reunion all over again. The excitement was almost palpable among fellow Lascahobassiens. Try to imagine: Jean St-Preux who came to the concert in his work uniform, because he did not want to miss out on intermingling one more time with his compatriots; Denise Olivier & Yvrose Vernet, who after over 30 years decided to grace the event with their presence. That was such a pleasant surprise, for we have really missed them in the community.

We can not begin to explain the amount of preparation it took to put together a show like that, the hard work, dedication , perseverance, and persistence of a few people mainly Chantale P. Bien-Aime, the concert would not have been made possible without her. With the help of people like Ronald Sigue, Claudette Thermora, Antonine Simon Louissaint, our distinguished MC, Jean Alix Loiseau.

We had some exceptional performers: Mr. Limage Pierre bringing a classic touch to Gospel Music.
Mr. Michel Jean-Philippe (L’homme de Dieu) who’s performance was very Captivating.
Mr. & Mrs. Philemon Polycarpe who filled the room by their presence; great entertainers.
Mrs. Lude Pinette who’s high spirits invigorated the audience.
Mr. Luckner Corridon, we can say that everyone was touched by his moving performance.
Mr. Claude Aurelien. Reviving the audience with his humoristic touch.
Mrs. Doris Dorilas, a star among us. Her opera voice uplifted the audience.
Mr. Smith Lespina, Pianist who’s divine piano performance took us back to days of Mozart.
Mr. Claudy Lafortune who has really proven his sound engineer skills.

Many in the audience found the performance to be “Inspirational, edifying and uplifting.” They thought it was very grand of ODL to attend to the need of the evangelic side of Lascahobas. God has done a lot for us, thus we should take the time to rejoice in his name, and a show like that had the potential to entertain you whether you are a Christian or not, it was designed for the enjoyment of everyone. We all had fun. It was a great show...

We are grateful to our generous contributors!
Cheers to our impressors! ($200 or more)br> Dr. Jean M. And Mrs. Yvrose (Vernet) Valmont (A la carte Bakery & ice Cream Parlor, Hyde Park, Mass.)br> Dr Guny Gabriel

Bravo to our Benefactors! ($50-$100)
Nicole Pierre-Toussaint
Muller Victor (Classic auto Body, Boston, Mass.)
Claude Parfait
Rodney Rosembert
Chantale Pierre-Toussaint Bien-Aime
Yves Poncette
Trinity Pentecostal Church (Minister Joel Valme and Assembly)
Edward Jean

Thank you to our Friends! ($20-$40)

Camie P.T. Exantus
David Marseille
Andre Leonard
Annie Ervilus

We want to take the opportunity to thank all who came, especially those who traveled great distances to be with us (Boston, Pensylvannia). We thank you, we appreciate you and may God bless you!

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